Why RepeatHost?

RepeatHost has everything you've come to expect in a world-class hosting facility including industry-leading availability and uptime, backup, redundancy, and disaster planning.  And we take hosting a step further by taking these great features and really catering them to your specific needs.  We specialize in tailoring a custom solution that fits exactly with what your website or web application needs for best performance and lowest cost.  Here are just a few of the many reasons why hosting with RepeatHost is right for you:


We Make Websites Easy!
  At RepeatHost, we've taken the hassle out of building a top-notch web site.  You don't need to hire a webmaster to do this.  You can do it all yourself, because we've made it easy.  If you do happen to get stuck on something, our fast, friendly support staff would love to help you out!
We Guarantee Your Satisfaction
  We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.  And if you decide to leave at any point after 30 days, we'll refund any un-used balance that you may have pre-paid.  Note: Refund excludes setup fees if applicable and domain name registration fees.
Fast, Friendly Support
  We know that no matter how good our service is, there's a chance that at some point you'll want to get in touch with us for help.  Our fast and friendly support staff are ready to help you with any problems.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and especially feedback.  We specialize in listening to our valued customers.
Developer Friendly
  RepeatHost lets you focus on development instead of worrying about deployment details.  Successful development projects require focus and RepeatHost specializes in handling the details about hosting and scaling your website or application.  We take the complexity out of deployment by setting up a staging and production environment that makes "go live" easy!
Easy Site Builder
  Not sure how to design a web site?  No problem.  We'll provide you with a free, easy to use site builder that you can use right from your web browser.  It comes with hundreds of templates to choose from and makes building a web site super easy.
Free Domain / Transfer
  Already have a web site somewhere else?  No problem.  You can transfer it to RepeatHost, along with your existing domain name and we'll help you do it.  The best part is that with RepeatHost, we'll pay your domain registration fees for life!
About the Data Center
  We're fanatical about our hosting performance and reliability.  RepeatHost's data center is monitored by dedicated staff 24/7.  Access to the servers is controlled by two-factor authentication locked with on-site security, diesel generator backup and multiple redundant connections for both power and internet.
Reliable, Affordable Quality
  With over 15 years of web site hosting experience, you can rest assured that your web site is in good hands.  With RepeatHost, words like quality, affordable, reliable, safe, and fast are all part of what we strive to achieve each day.
We Are Green!
  We love this wonderful planet that we all live on.  For that reason, our services are powered by 100% renewable energy to ensure that we are doing our part to help protect and preserve the environment.
Flexibility and Power
  With RepeatHost, you can build a custom website user our powerful and easy to use tools.  You won't be constrained by the limited functionality that some website providers offer.  From pre-built software packages that can be installed in a click of the mouse to complex applications that you want to deploy yourself, we provide easy access to get you up and running quickly and painlessly.  And you can rest easy knowing you are hosted in an environment that can scale to meet the demands of your website or web application.